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  1. Duke, Hope your problem is solved. There is a company I saw on the internet that makes that coolant bottle out of stainless I believe. It was a swap ,no big problem. My tank failed and cost thousands to replace head gasket. Good luck, hope your on the road again. The pressure cap is very important to check and replace a couple of years as well.
  2. Duke, if you have not replaced your coolant tank yet, consider the Source Engineering tank. My 2008 tank failed. A broken sender wire that sends a low water signal from the tank to the dash contributed to an over heat condition. This all caused a failed head gasket and $10,0000 repair bill! Turned out the wiring issue started when the coach was first built as the support bracket was a poor fit breaking wires. Good luck on the tank issue and be careful with the plug wiring. The metal tank has a sight tube to see the water level unlike the plastic you can not see through.
  3. For Those 4 bag Monaco Owners Save your life and equipment by changing those trailing arms now! In Nov 2012 I was traveling near Moro Bay!CA. I exited the interstate onto a two laned road at about 10/15mph. Suddenly the suspension felt odd and leaned toward r/rear. I stopped to see what may be wrong .I could not see anything. I nursed the rig two miles a slow speed. When I arrived at my intended location , I applied the leveling jacks manually. I then rechecked the rear suspension. Wow! What a site when I saw the trailing arm broken in half. Eventually I had the MH moved on a lowboy trailer for repair. I used Source Engineering's replacement part. I was told the OEM replacement looked the same as the old one. With the OEM's name on it, no thanks. Since the new owner treats us the way they do, no thanks to the brand in the future either.
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