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  1. I remember seeing an article on how to connect 3 12v batteries. Can you tell me which back issue it was in or provide me the information.
  2. I have a 1993 Tracker which I have towed both on a dolly and all 4 on the ground. The first several years were on the dolly as I had multiple vehicles that I wanted to take and did not want to rig all for towing 4 on the ground. I alway put the tracker rear wheels on the dolly. The issue is the suspension and the damage it will cause with sustained towing with front end off the ground. You will notice in you owners manual that it is towed by a Tow truck it should be towed from the rear as well. The Tow Dolly manufacture does not recomment putting the rear wheel on the dolly as the front wheel are not locked in a straight forward position. When you tow on the dolly, make sure the front wheel are straight and are locked in that position. I tied the steering in position as I did not want to damage my Steering wheel locking mechanism. I will admit that the preferred way to tow is with all for wheel on the ground. It eliminate the hassle of what to do with the dolly and it is much easier hook up. Make sure you follow the the manufatures recommendation of Transfer case in neutral and transmission in 2d gear. As I usually stopped every couple of hours, I would run my Tracker for a few minutes. The manufacture recommends that it be towed at 55 mph. I normally pulled my around 60-65 and had no problem.
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