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  1. Brett Just to let you know I got my new parts and after charging the caps I still could not get any spark when shorting out. Changed the caps and still blowing breaker, replaced the motor and good to go everything back to running normal. Thanks Bob
  2. Brett Thanks I will try that. After they recharge should they spark if good and not if they are bad? Bob
  3. I have nothing at either cap when shorting across. Bob
  4. Brett All the voltage is good and it's the breaker for the front AC unit in the panel box Thanks Bob
  5. Rich, The AC unit is a 2008 model 630516.331J the fan motor turns freely and the popping sound comes from the fan motor also it blows the breaker when I turn on the fan only. Thanks Bob
  6. When I turn on AC unit after a few seconds there is a pop in the motor and the breaker trips. The fan will not run on fan only and when I turn on the heat pump it just hums. How to test motor and circuit board.
  7. Going to winter in Arizona. Looking for a nice Big Rig Park.
  8. How well do they work for campgrounds & rallies?
  9. Heater had run below diesel level, had been working fine until then. Now it will run fine then mostly in the night it will not light it may be OK for a day or two then not start . Does not seem to have air in the line when it starts it runs fine for a period of time until it gets below 32. Could the fuel be starting to gel and not be able to spray through nozzle? Where do I start checking? Thanks Bob
  10. I will have to pull the I/makr back out and check the wire and order a new seal this one is 4 years old seems OK but may be a little weak compared to a new one Thanks for the replies BK
  11. Fridge temp stays 36 to 40 outside 85 to 90 it seems to be makeing ice but does not heat the tray in order to dump and it is a new ice maker . Do they make a thermostat for the ice tray heater that will come on around 20 degrees?
  12. I have a NAD1402 refrigerator and the ice maker will only dump 2 or 3 times a day. The freezer stays around 20 degrees and from what I have found so far is that the thermostat to turn on the heating element that comes on to release the cubes from the tray is set at 17 degrees. What can I do so it will produce more ice ? Thanks Bob BK5057
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