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  1. Whatever system you decide to install be advised that the MKX when left in N will have a current drain from the aux power of about 4 AMPS. There are modifications possible but may effect the warranty. Best remedy is run a fused 12V charge line from coach along with a ground.
  2. I have a 2011 Edge Limited. Pulled the cover as you mentioned. I have a connector to the right maybe 16 pin and a much larger one to the left. Color of wire on smaller connetor is blue on #8, can't really be sure how connector is wired or how pins count. Any chance of a photo??
  3. M&G is a well designed and mfg product. However one does not fit all. Recently changed towed from Ford Sport Trc to 2011 Edge. Though they do offer a modest allowance if the unit is returned there is still a sizable purchace price. They did not have an installable unit when I checked. Went with BrakeMaster, air operated pedal mounted system. I have had the other brake pedal mounted systems and found them nothing but trouble. BrakeMaster was a little involved to install but not as involved as M&G. As a plus I should not have to get a new unit when I replace my towed. Had some doubts about another pedal mounted system but so far it has worked well. As side note Edge Limited has no means to turn accessory power of when car is placed in N. Needs aux charge ckt from coach.
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