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  1. I get the drift. Looks like you basically replace motor. Doesn't, look like a great payback opportunity.
  2. With the cost of fuel so high I figured I would see more topics on converting to natural gas. Can this be done?
  3. Interesting I will check that out. I know the clicking should not be happening.
  4. Ok all systems are go. Steps work fine however now I notice a loud click when the steps come out and a loud click when they retract. Anybody else experiencing this phenomenon?
  5. Two responses said to hit it with a hammer so I figured a vast majority of RVers couldn't be wrong . I bopped it with a ball peen hammer and what do you know it works great. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  6. I unplugged motor and hit it with juice frame the charger. All it did was spark.
  7. Thanks for the info. I think it is the motor.
  8. Thanks for the response. Did the control unit just stop without any warning? Were you able to open the wiring harness connector? Any idea on cost?
  9. Entry steps have been working like a champ ever since I purchased motorhome. No reason to suspect any issues. I needed to go uptown for fuel and did not notice that steps did not retract. 1. does not retract when door closed 2. Nothing happens when ignition is on 3. I know it must be getting power as bottom light works when fuse is in and does not work when fuse is out. 4. Tried to pull harness apart but it is either sealed really well or it is not meant to come apart. 5. Would the motor just up and die with no warning? 1999 Fleetwood Discovery.
  10. All fixed I was able to saw the cover plate over the channel . Found the hole in the pipe and cut it out. Put a new coupler on the line and we are functional again. Put floor down for second time and we are on to the next project
  11. Thanks for the response. Turns out there is a Channel that runs from the water outlet to the shower. The water lines sit in this channel and there is a 1/4 inch board screwed on top the channel. Since the board is only 1/4 thick the roofing nail went thru. All of the other nails went into 3/4 plywood. I pulled up the tile and will pull up the channel cover. Hopefully it will be a quick fix from that point on. Quite a lesson learned about how these things are put together.
  12. Here is what happened. The Discovery layout has the living area then a shower sink and bathroom all together. I did not like the carpet in the shower and sink area so when I removed the toilet I decided to pull the carpet and tile from the bath and replace with a floating floor. In order to make the tile even with the carpeted living area we put down 1/4 inch plywood. We put a few very short roofing nails in the wood to hold it down and I suspect we nicked a water line. Not a very smart thing to do. The question is - can I cut out the floor in the suspect area and repair the hose as it sits without replacing it?
  13. I hate to keep starting new topics. However I just replaced toilet and had everything hooked up turned on the pump and now I hear water running somewhere under the floor. It is draining onto the drive so it is at least not bringing water into the coach floor. Anybody know how to access water lines without tearing out floor. Coach is 1999 Fleetwood Discovery.
  14. I loosened the screws a little. There is another gasket that goes around the outside. It is probably worn also. Will call tech support tomorrow. Would have been much better to replace toilet.
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