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  1. I add 1.5 ltrs. of a good grade Vodka to my fresh water tank and it always taste fresh too me!! Only joking but probably would work
  2. I made a big mistake a few months ago and bought the Q220, it really puts out the btu's but it is also very large and HEAVY. I have decided to use it as my main bbq for home and have ordered the fancy cart and full cover. I am going to order the Q120 which is the same as the Q100 but it has the swing out shelves which I find very handy. A little info, the grill for the Q220 weighs **** near as much as the Q120 total. Not going to buy the fold up cart for the Q120, instead will use a couple of the cheepie fold up tables and a couple of pieces of 1/4 in plywood for the stand. Light weight and cheep. Might check into the Coleman grill, I like lots of heat!!
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