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  1. Thanks for any assistance you can provide......our e mail is raylin15600@gmail.com. Ray & Linda Arnold
  2. On Jan. 4, 2012, while in Indio, Ca, we noticed we had splits in our RV tires (had to replace 2 last year for the same problem), so we found a Michelin Dealer in Coachchilla, Pete's Automotive. We spoke with the asst. manager and inquired about replacing the back four tires. After telling him our plans, he suggested we get the tires in Indio at the FMCA Rally as the company was offering some "great deals." We said we were not comfortable in driving on the tires any further in the condition they were, plus the RV Show did not begin until the week after we were leaving. On Jan. 9th, we purchased four Michelin tires for the sum of $581.62 each, not counting taxes and mounting. When given the price, we asked if that was the best price they could do as we had purchased two Michelin tires less than a year before at the price of $518.82 each. He said that was their best price. However, when arriving in Yuma, Az on the 14th of Jan., we were informed by an FMCA member that we could have gotten a much better deal with the Michelin Advantage Program offered by FMCA. As it was Saturday when we arrived in Yuma, we waited until Monday, Jan. 16th to contact the business to inquire about getting the better price using FMCA's Michelin Advantage Program. Inasmuch as it had only been one week, and we learned the business was giving the MAP price at the Indio FMCA Rally, we felt it would not be a big problem to use the program and get the FMCA Michelin Advantage Program price. We spoke with the asst. manager when on Jan. 16th, and he said he would e-mail his corporation regarding getting the ADVANTAGE PRICE . Not hearing back, we contaced him again on the 19th. He said they had been busy with the Indio FMCA Rally and he had not heard back. He said he would send a follow up e mail. Not hearing back from him in over a week, we again called on Jan. 30th. He said corporation would not honor the Michelin Advantage Program. He also said that he was not aware of the FMCA Michelin Advantage Program until the FMCA Indio rally. Why, if Pete's Automotive is listed as giving the Michelin Advantage Program price, would they not honor the Program. We have been loyal FMCA members since 1997 and are hopeful that perhaps FMCA or Michelin Tires can assist us in this matter. The cost for the tires was put on a Visa credit card. Ray & Linda Arnold FMCA #222108
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