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  1. A common problem with handling evaluations is that no one compares the wheelbase with the total length of the coach. A coach that has a wheelbase less than 50% of the total length of the coach is going to be a handful on the road. I have a 29 foot coach and the wheelbase is about 49% of the length. It wears me out to drive it. A short wheelbase improves manuevering in tight places, but imagine the overhang, both front and rear. Imagine the movement of the tail end of the coach when the the front moves even a few inches. Ruts and wind can cause these seemingly minute movements which result in a wildly moving rear end, all of which requires constant correction to keep it going where you want it to go. This movement is magnified if you are towing a car. When the tail moves, the car moves, you correct, the tail moves again, the car moves again...you get the picture. Total exhaustion when you finally arrive at your destination. The longer the wheelbase in comparison to the total length of the coach will provide the best "handling."
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