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  1. Hello All. Working on replacing a dash panel Fan Switch. Have located the required Sigma Switch, but I am unsure about pulling the dash panel. While it looks like I could access the back of the panel from below at my age I would probably be there for the remainder of my life. Any hints would be very helpful. Have include photo of dash to ID the coorct style. Many Thanks
  2. Thanks to all who have replied. Certainly a couple areas that I need to check, which I do shortly. Any additional comments will be welcome. Dave C
  3. I have a 2003 National RV 38 Ft Tradewinds on a Spartan Chassis, Cat 326 engine. Evans Tempco RV218467 Control Panel. For several years now the system loses its charge a couple of days after being recharged. The Compressor has been replaced; the dryer and I believe the expansion valve have been replaced. At least 3 different RV service outlets have worked on the problem. The system was flushed after the compressor was replaced. Each time the system is recharged with leak detector but the leak has not been found. The last service organization said this was a common problem and that a number of customers just choose to either not attempt to find the problem or for very slow leaks just recharge the system every season. I want too resolve the problem once and for all, but don't want to spend another thousand dollars just looking. Any ideas on how to cost effectively approach troubleshooting this problem. Or are some folks out there in the same boat, not able to use their dash air conditioning because of the potential expense of troubleshooting the system. Thanks for any ideas.
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