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  1. OK first off I'm new to RV's Ive never owned one of any kind before, my wife and i are close to retirement and would like to have one. we have been looking now for about 9 months and we came across this 2003 friendship 8408, it looks very nice is well keep, has all the records since it was new. It is 40ft has 52k miles and Cat 330 engine/Allison 6speed trans. The owner is asking $60k. Having said all of that I need everyone to advise me on this motor home that can give me knowledgeable information on this coach please. If you know on any problems that this model has had, or some where i can go to check on the quality/reliability of this model please let me know. We will for the most part be driving in the eastern part of the US but we could and might take a trip out west, would we have any problems in climbing in the mountains in this unit? I really don't know what to say here, I just would appreciate all the information you can give me , good, bad , or ugly about this motor home. Like most of us I just cant afford to put this kind of money in a motor home to find out i bought a lemon. Im putting my faith in you to help me buy my first motor home. Thanks Ron Stevens
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