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  1. I think the problem was with a solenoid that connects the banks in my front electrical panel. Started to back out today to change location within my campground; system failed and was "dead in the water". Removed the solenoid and found a replacement; installed and engine started; everything seems to be OK now. Thanks for your input. It is a comfort to know that assistance is nearby!
  2. Thanks for your advice. The part that confuses me is that the problem seems to start with the wipers. I have had an ongoing problem with the wipers stopping; apparently the load on the wiper motor caused the circuit to break; then would reset after a period of time. If this is correct, does an overload in the wiper system put additional strain on the whole electrical system?
  3. I have a similar problem in my 2006 Beaver Monterey with a CAT C-9. The problem started a few days ago when driving in rain. When I activated my windshield wipers, they stopped in motion and then my ignition system stopped, all gauges to zero, ATC light lit on display. Ignition reset and was able to continue without wipers; thanks to Rain-X. A while later when in slow traffic and idling, ignition went off again and then reset; able to start and continue for 70 miles to campground. Next AM, I turned on wipers when in gear, wipers stopped in motion and engine shut down. Then able to drive to next stop, approximately 20 miles. Yesterday I moved a few miles and engine stopped five or six times when idling while stopped; reset and able to start again. The windshield wipers are apparently a problem with Beaver, and I did see that there was a recall to replace the circuit breaker with a 15A. I am in the CO rains now and wonder whether the rain could affect the switches. Replacement of the solenoid is a viable and easy option. Any input would be helpful.
  4. Thanks for the good info. We are meeting two other coaches in Banff to start a three month round trip to Alaska ending in Seattle, WA. Will start by seeing the area north of Banff to Jasper.
  5. We will be traveling from Denver to Banff the last week of May and are looking for suggestions on routes/stops. Are considering Glacier NP and would like info on US-89 (East side) and US-93 (West side); campgrounds; steep mountain climbs.
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