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  1. It is a Suburban Model # SW10DE, Thanks For any help you can offer.
  2. I have a 2005 Allegro Bay. On last trip water would not heat beyond warm. Later that evening water was very hot and I thought problem was over. Next morning water running cold again. Several hours later could get hot water followed by cold only later in evening. All of this took place heating or trying to heat with electric, when I switched to propane all ran well. Any ideas of what I should look for? Any help greatly appreciated.
  3. I have purchased a 2005 Allegro Bay. Good Sam gave me a quote of nearly $ 5,000 for a 4 yr. warranty. Would appreciate any suggestions on other options. Your help greatly appreciated.
  4. Currently looking at used class A motorhomes. I have heard arguments both ways regarding the Ford V10 engine vs. the Chevrolet 8.1-litre with the Allison transmission. Could you please let me know your thoughts? Now looking at 2005 Allegro Bay with Chevy setup, Should I be leery? What about power and gas mileage advantages? Any thoughts greatly appreciated.
  5. Considering upgrading from my Class C motorhome to a Class A. Currently looking at a 2005 Allegro Bay DP. Would appreciate any information you may have. Thanks.
  6. Could someone please help clear up just what the national or individual state regulations are concerning having supplemental braking on your towed vehicle . I have been told that if I do not install braking system such as Brake Buddy I could be voiding my insurance coverage. Others tell me that this is something that has been discussed for years and that currently only four states require systems be installed for vehicles over 3,000 lbs. Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I have installed a toggle switch to disconnect the battery on my 05 Malibu. After towing and restarting engine it runs very rough for about 10 to 15 seconds. Is this normal?
  8. I have been told that installing a battery disconect switch would eliminate the need to pull fuse while towing for wheels down. Towing a 05 Malibu. Any info will be appreciated.
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