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  1. Thank you so much. That got me exactly what I was looking for.
  2. By the way, the unit is a 1998 Discovery. It's in excellent condition in, out & mechanically. We don't want to damage the frame or anything else. Did contact Fleetwood direct. Hoping they can send me a PDF file of the Owner's Information Package. Thanks, again.
  3. I already have the owner's manual but this is what it says under Leveling System Controls for the leveling system are located in the driver area. A detailed operating and maintenance guide is included in your Owner's Information Package. Read all instuctions for this system carefully before operating the system. The Owner's Information Package is what I didn't get with the unit. Can anyone help with my dilemma??
  4. Thanks, Wolf & Allegiance. I'll try to locate that manual online. Josiebops
  5. We are long-time campers but first-time Class A owners. Unfortunately we didn't get any instructions about leveling our 37' Fleetwood Discovery since we purchased it used. Where can we find detailed information on the entire process of leveling? Some say wheels can be off the ground others say NEVER. We're on our 1st trip and have a relatively level site so we are not using the leveling system this time. But we need specific instructions to follow and haven't been able to find anything Googling. HELP!!!
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