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  1. We use a Moca Master, hand made in Holland and somewhat expensive. Easy to use, the water fill is large and clear so you won't overfill it. The water is Hot and the brew time is short. The coffee is rich and never bitter. We use Camano Island coffee and the will grind it any way you want.
  2. Thanks tbutler and dbelanger, I'm going to Camping World now to order a system.
  3. I'm leaving my charcoal barbecue at home and have purchased a new Coleman Road Trip for our Alaska vacation. Instead of using the small bottles of propane, I would like to run an extension hose to the RV tank. Is this possible and how do I set it up? Any other ideas would be appreciated.
  4. I have a 2007 Itasca Meridian 36G with 13,000 miles on it. The passenger side side windshield just developed a horseshoe crack at the bottom. I set up an appointment to have it replaced at Barber RV in Ventura Ca. I asked the service rep what could have caused the windshield to crack as I couldn't find any indication it was hit by a rock. As he walked up and saw the location, he said that it was "rust". He then proceeded to pull away the rubber surround and the channel the windshield sits in was full of rust. I am curious if any other Winnebago/Itasca owners are having the same problem and if there is anything I can do to stop this from happening again? Thanks
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