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  1. Don't know yet. Thinking about a product called "Toad Charge"
  2. Tow vehicle is a 2016 Jeep Cherokee with Active Drive II. Today the dealer is installing the MOPAR wiring harness to alleviate the "wobble" issue.
  3. Have a 2002 Dutch Star DP and looking at two braking system products from SIMI. Air Force One and Stay-IN-Play DUO. Which is better, or best, for the DP?
  4. Recently relocated from Alaska to California. Our Class A motorhome sits in a storage yard and neighbors who have RVs in the storage yard speak of mice getting in their RV. Is there any powder or compound that you can spread around the exterior (on the ground) that will prevent mice from getting into the RV?
  5. I'm in the process of moving my 2002 Dutch Star DP from Alaska to California, where I have recently located. The length - according to Newmar specs - is 40'7" so if I'm reading information correctly it appears I need a Non-Commercial Class B driver's license. I'm confused with the definition of the following two terms - "housecar" and "motorhome". Are they two distinct types of vehicles or is a motorhome also a housecar? Is the endorsement automatic with the issuance of a Non-Commercial Class B license?
  6. Have a 2002 Dutch Star DP and towing a 2007 Jeep Liberty. Have never had a braking system installed on the toad. Which is the best system to use?
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