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  1. Hi all! I'm a new member and have an opportunity to purchase a 1999 RoadTrek 190 on a Dodge chassis. I think the salesman said it was a simplicity. He said it only has 14,000 miles -- obviously wasn't used much but was dirty and needed cleaning. They're detailing and cleaning it. I've not owned any RV, let alone a RoadTrek, but I know this is the RV I want. I know nothing yet about what customizations (if any) come with the van -- I haven't seen it yet. Does anyone have any opinions on a 13-year-old RoadTrek? It's gas, not diesel. Asking price is quite reasonable. I'm not opposed to a used RV, but have been looking at a newer (or new) 190 or 210 on a Chevy chassis. Any opinions, comments, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks............. tigerdriver.
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