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  1. Have you had any luck? I also want to install an outside TV and it appears that the main problem I'll have will be routing the coaxial cable and getting 110 volts to the compartment. What did you do and who did it for you? Geary
  2. Herman: Thanks for the advice. I took the old bulb to a local Auto Zone and they had as good a supply of bulbs as the Camping World. In the size that I needed they had a 15 watt and a 12 watt so I got the 12 watt. I put it in and it works fine. I would not expect 12 watts to overheat. Thanks again, Geary
  3. Paul: I appreciate the comment. I had not done business with Camping World before except to buy parts and supplies from them when they had a good price. They ran a special on upgrading my manual awning with an electric one at a good price so I thought I'd try them even though they are 50 miles one way from my house. I was told the exchange would take 2 hours so I could wait. It ended up taking 3 days!!! Their attitude toward me as the customer was that I was something they had to put up with and that to talk to me was taking them away from something really important. Luckily I had my wife and my car with me and I told them (after being there since 8 AM with an appointment) that I had to know by 3pm if they could finish that day. I had to be back home not later than 4 and if they could finish in one day my wife could come back home, take care of the business, and I'd wait and drive the motor home. If they couldn't have it ready in one day my wife and I would both come home in the car and come back to pick up the motor home when it was ready. They simply could not or would not give me an answer. I talked to the service manager who promised to help and then refused to speak further with me and passed me down to a subordinate. At 3:30 I was finally told that the work could not be finisihed that day. I learned that they had pulled the tech off of my job and put him on another job. So, I am now with you. If my motorhome breaks down in their drive way I'll have it towed somewhere else for work. Geary
  4. I thank all of you for your comments and thoughts. Today I'll try taking the old bulb to a local auto parts store and see if they can help. It seems to me that the thing to do is tell the auto store associate that I do not want a bulb that gets so hot that it may melt the plastic housing on the light. I'm satisfied, at lease for the present, to not go with the LED. My motor home is an '08 and the bulb I'm now replacing came with it, so once every 4 years isn't too bad. Regarding checking with a RV dealer: I had the motor home at the local Camping World for other work and asked them which bulb I needed. Camping World sells and services my make and model motor home. I was told emphatically that I needed an 1141 and that I didn't even need to look. I bought the 1141, got home and went to change the bulb and discoveed that that was not the correct bulb. This is not the only problem I've had with that Camping World. Geary
  5. I need to replace my 12-volt "patio" bulb. The old burned out bulb is a wedge type but has no number on it. My supply catalogue has several numbers for different wedge type bulbs including: 168, 194, 906, 912, 921, 922, and 3157. I can't find anything on the coach that tells me which number bulb I need. How can I find out which numbered bulb I need? Thanks. Also: there is a new LED bulb that advertises it will replace wedge based bulbs and last for 40,000 hours. It costs $32.99 compared to about $6 or $7 for the other old type. Is the new LED replacement worth it? Will it work in any type of 12 volt wedge? Thanks.
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