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  1. Does anyone no how to clean moldings or trim around doors and windows on a 1998 ducthstar moterhome. They are stained with a black moldy looking substance. Tied r.v streak remover but it didn't work, I think it is a rubber compound of some type thanks.
  2. Thank you so much BH. I will try that and if it doesn't work will have it checked out. Thanks again.
  3. Thank you for the advice. Iit is a 1994 Fleetwood Flair diesel pusher. It has the double disconnect for the house batteries and starting batteries. Checked my batteries again and they show 12.4 on my meter which should be fine but the switch will not stay on. Thanks.
  4. I had the same problem with my Fleetwood Flair also and found out the batteries had gone dry. Cleaned and replaced them and so far all is good.
  5. Hi, Just wondering if anyone can help me. When I turn on the disconnect switch for my house batteries, nothing happens at all-- no power. If i hold the button on everything works fine. Could this be a faulty switch? I do hear a click when i turn it on. Does this mean the solenoid is working? It also has a switch for the starting batteries which works fine. Used it last fall and had no problems. Batteries are charged and connections look clean, also no blown fuses.
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