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  1. Voltage @ all plug in's are 117VAC when generator is running or when plugged into a shore line. The only piece of the monitor panel that seems to be correct is the fresh water tank monitor lights. Ha Ha. Everything in the motorhome functions properly. Both ACs blow cold air, all outlets have 117VAC. Would like to verify that generator and engine alt. are charging batteries properly. Do I check DCV at the batteries with the generator running, then just the engine running? What should the voltage be? 12.5 or greater? Thanks
  2. All three of my batteries have been fully charged and tested for load, all three are good. The monitor shows, with nothing on except the possible LED lights on radios or the panel, 5.7 DC. 00 VAC on both legs but both legs show phanton amps that rise and fall. The monitor panel itself is the original one in the Beaver Marquis. When the generator is running the panel show about half the VAC that it should. It also shows about half the VAC when plugged into a shore line. Any ideas will help, Thanks Franke
  3. I am not sure which monitor, I'll have to get the manufacture of the back. Currently not connect to shore line. Have charged two of the three batteries in coach to full, am taking them to be load tested right now. Third battery in coach went dead over night. I'll get back with the monitor type. Thanks Franke
  4. I have a 1988 Beaver Marquis, with a 6.3 Kw Onan propane generator. The coach monitor panel shows half the VAC even when plugged into a land line or the generator. All the receptacles have 117VAC when plugged or when the generator is running, The batteries are not fully charged. I am charging them with a trickle charge right now. We did run out of propane with the ACs running once. Any thoughts will be helpful. Thanks Franke
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