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  1. You got that right. . .Fulltiming ain't for pansy *****. But if you can handle it there ain't nothin' in the world like it. Hope you are enjoying your ride. Rev
  2. For my valuables and jewelery, I use a little cigar box and put it down under the sink where it is barely noticeable.
  3. Hello, As a traveling minister I am on the road frequently. I have considered taking some time off to write a book. I assume this job would allow for plentiful time to write and read the Lord's Word. Can you tell me anything more about the job? I read in an older post that you have musical items. Are you musicians? I like to work with musicians in my ministries and the pay is not bad. Being an RV'er, I like to stay in areas that have a more moderate climate. May God Bless, Rev Park
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