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  1. I just purchased a '96 Fleetwood Bounder, 32'. Both fixed windows for mirror viewing are fogged over. Making it nearly impossible to see the mirrors. I'm not sure if it's moisture or if the glue used is causing the fog-like look between the panes. They were recalled because the glue used between the panes was inferior. I called Fleetwood and found out the original company had gone belly up and the new company is not honoring their recall for these windows. New windows would cost $250 plus s/h and taxes or just over $300. each (uninstalled), with a 4 week delivery time. I tried my insurance company and made the mistake of not saying the windows were vandalized and cracked, so a $500. deductible goes into play. My next choice of options is to call Safelite Auto glass and get a quote from them. After reading a few of the very informative blogs here. I copied some addresses in Va. for replacement RV windows. I am heading to Norfolk on the 8th for 2 weeks and hopefully I can get this problem resolved there. Updates to follow. I'm too old to read all of the blogs, so if anyone found a cheaper resolution to this problem... please reply. TY, Fred
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