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  1. Hello everyone; My DW and I just purchased our first motorhome. It is a Triple E Empress 36 foot. If you don't know what Triple E is, I understand that it wasn't sold much outside of Eastern Canada. We are just waiting for the various inspections to be done so that we can get started. Our first trip is going to be to Newfoundland with my band. We have a bunch of bookings and the coach is going to be the "tour bus." We are looking forward to it. When we get back, assuming that we didn't hate the experience, we are going to look at cleaning out the fixed position domicile and move into the Empress full time. We plan to "snowbird" a lot. I haven't actually retired but since I work at home anyway I expect to continue to do so. All I need is Internet access. I hope that most parks have good connectivity. Carol has started an online journal (she refuses to call is a blog) on her web site at Carol Cain - Carol's Journal. Can't wait to get on the road and start meeting you guys in the flesh. D'Arcy and Carol
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