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  1. I'm curious about pets. Will FMCA transport pets should we become incapacitated or killed? We both have ROADID bracelets and could easily add FMCA to our pet transport contacts if they do that without the owner present.
  2. Thanks to both of you, I appreciate it. I'll take the board with me to be sure.
  3. Thanks Rich. The LP portion seems to work fine if the RV is running on 12v and not plugged into 50amp. I found a circuit board a couple hours away which I plan to purchase tomorrow. They said if it didn’t work I could return it.
  4. Unfortunately, I'm back on the forum with more problems with my Atwood GE16EXT hot water heater. Up until last trip with our 2007 Fleetwood Bounder 38L, we had no problems with the hot water heater. However, on the last trip, the fault (lockout) light came on with the unit heating on electric. I switched over to LP and worked fine. Now, as we prepare to depart for Thanksgiving, the electric mode continues to lockout. The LP is now intermittently setting off the fault light as well- just not regularly. I pulled the plugs off the circuit board and cleaned the contacts lightly with steel wool. The small 5 am fuse located on the circuit board is good. Beyond all this, I've done nothing to troubleshoot. Any suggestions? Is there a good possibility the circuit board is bad/going bad? If so, I'll get a new one asap. Thanks Dan DeRenzy
  5. I'm embarrased to say I didn't adequately troubleshoot my wife's report that we had no hot water. It turns out the electric portion of the heater is working just fine and I assume the reason the LP didn't ignite was because the water was already hot. Anyway, the problem was a loose handle on the kitchen sink so it did not move all the way to the hot water position. Sorry for the inconvenience. Dan DeRenzy
  6. Worked fine yesterday but after a long 7 hour drive today, the hot water heater doesn't seem to be working on electric or LP. LP lighter isn't even trying to light. Checked master breaker, inverter breakers, and fuse at hot water and found nothing amiss. Have 2007 Fleetwood Bounder 38L. Thanks Dan DeRenzy
  7. Brett Thanks for responding again. I'm ok with what you meant now, thanks for clearing it up. Dan
  8. Brett Thanks for response. I can handle all the wiring, switching, soldering, etc as I repair barber/groomer clippers and do alot of that with my business. However, I'm not following you on the last part when you say, "wire to thermostat IN and OUT." Whatever this term of "wire to thermostat IN and OUT" means, is it in addition or in leu of putting in a switch? Feel free to call if in-person explanation would be better. Thanks Dan DeRenzy 217-652-4203
  9. Reference my Norcold 1200lrim 4 door refrigerator--- I am requesting information on how to check the thermostat on the outside back of the heat fins that turn the 12Vdc fans off and on. I can jump across the thermostat and the fans work but don't remember them every coming on. Do I just check continuity across the switch or no? If the thermostat is bad, can I bypass the thermostat and let the fans run all the time until I get a replacement? We are heading to the hottest part of the Country Monday and this being the weekend, I assume I can't get one tomorrow unless it is a universal type thing I can pick up at Lowes. Thanks Dan DeRenzy
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