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  1. thank you for the replies,, I insisted that the fuel noid be changed first and tested before buying a computer, This totally fixed my problem. Although it is now stressful that the computer codes are useless, I did give cummings all the numbers and they said the codes are non-valid to my serial number of the motor,, I guess, the codes I'm getting don't exist because they cannot be cleared either. Maybe a cummings dealer can do a computer backup that I can keep in the coach, if it's needed in the future. home again, with a lighter wallet. it could have been worse.
  2. broken down, roadside assistance troubleshooting a bad fuel solenoid and bad ECU, He is unable to reset the ecu codes. tried to talk to Monaco, they said my 1997 is too old, and they do not deal with any chassis issues. Who do I get a new computer programmed if the old one is damaged to bad for retrieving old programming. ? ecu= 3096662-rx motor number=34830072 engine trouble codes= 254, 434 also Cummings says these are non-valid codes for my motor serial number. HELP stuck here and very far from home, missing work.
  3. Sadly I live in CT, but travel to Virginia a few times a year, 40'pusher towing a car. I normally try to stay off toll roads, So Starting out from Fredricksburgh Virginia, Thats my normal destination, It does put me on 95 for a short amount of time. Going north from Fredricksburgh on 95, I take 17 north, Staying on 17 north until getting to 81 north. There are many Historical places to visit along this route, 81north and pick up 84 east in Pennsylvania. There is one Toll crossing the Hudson river. I buy fuel on RTE 17 in Virgina, Then another fuel stop for me is at Port Jervis NJ It adds ruffly 2 hours drive time, vs going 95 the entire time. Way less $ on tolls, and less chances of getting stuck in traffic. I've sat at the GW Bridge for 8 hours in the past. and other times going threw the Tapanzee bridge, the potholes were so bad, it dislodged one of my fog lights that got smashed on the road, there was nowhere to pull over at that spot. safe travels.
  4. Did a bunch more searching today. Is the brand "zxly" the same as Alcoa? I don't what to buy one of these, and have my old rims polished and notice a big difference of look or quality. I did find one rim that was polished but it was almost 500$. I'm not paying that for one rim.
  5. The Alcoa is out of stock.
  6. I'm trying to locate some Alcoa 22.5 8.25 rims. A minimum of one used, or four new. They are stud pilot.
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