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  1. William Boynton USS TAUTOG (SSN639) USS PERMIT (SSN594) Retired 1990
  2. Got diagrams from manufacturer. Traced back and found valve for forward tanks. Will need to make a new access in bottom pan to make access easier for replacement.
  3. Does anyone know a replacement number for the gas cap for 2004 Holiday Rambler Vacationer 36DBD with 8.1L gas engine? I need to replace a lost cap.
  4. Thanks for replies. I find the cable control on the panel but can't trace where it goes once it leaves the compartment for drain controls. This is my problem with the forward tanks only. I can find the valves for the aft tanks. Once I find the valves I should be able to change valves or lube up the control wire at the valve.
  5. I have a 2004 Holiday Rambler Vacationer with bath and half. The fwd grey water tank valve leaks by so that when I hook up sewer hose the outlet always has water there. I can see at the drain control station the general direction that the control cable goes but can't see whether the holding tank or the valves are. Where I do I locate the fwd holding tank valves? I have looked in all of the compartments but can't find where the cables go to the valve. The rear holding tank valves are located in the rear left compartment. But unable to find forward tank valves. Does any one have same issue? I want to locate valves and repair so everytime I hook up I am not dumping holding tank water on ground.
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