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  1. Thanks for the reply, have you ever sold an RV on any of these sites?
  2. We are about to sell our 2004 Monarch Diplomat pdq and don't know where to start. What is best, putting it somewhere on consignment or trying to sell it on our own. And if we decide to sell it on our own where do we advertise? We would appreciate any input.....thanks.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I will check them out, sounds pretty good. Thanks again.
  4. Has anyone purchased a membership into Coast to Coast premiere plan that you pay to buy a "site" but can go to any campground in their system free or for $10.00 a night? We have been approached to purchase into this and wanted to check what kind of feedback from others that have purchased. Thanks for any feedback.
  5. We could go either way. We have a 40 ft 2004 Monaco Diplomat, pulling a Jeep.
  6. We're headed for Lake Tahoe, not sure if California or Nevada is best. Has anyone any feedback on which is better, and any campgrounds or parks to stay at? Going in a week and a half. Thanks, Sophia
  7. Thanks again Herman for the response. We tried the kits not too much luck. We were in a warehouse kind of a supply store recently(so much fun). He had brand new headlight assemblies for our coach for $40.00 so we bought them. We finally got them installed. We called an RV repairman and he installed them for us. Wasn't easy, he had a hard time getting them out too. Thanks again for the help-- see you on the road!
  8. Thanks for the response and welcome Herman. One more question, do you know if the lens has to come off the assembly first before you take the unit out? Thanks for the help, Sophia
  9. I'm trying to replace my headlights in my 2004 Monaco Diplomat. Does anyone know how to remove the old ones so I can install the new assemblies?
  10. Thanks for the reply. We have a 40 ft coach and flat tow a Jeep Liberty. We are traveling from Leggett Ca, to Watsonville Ca. What do you mean by "technical" driving? My husband is an excellent driver, been driving the coach all over the country for over a year, through some tight spots. He was a bus driver for over 10 years and drove fuel trucks at Logan Airport also. He has a CDL license. Thanks for the help.
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