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  1. Thanks for the interest guys. It is apparent from the replies that no one had any ideas for my original question. Does Anyone have knowledge of trucking firms that might do this work. lloyd
  2. Thx wolfe i have already sent NADA valuation report and the insurance people are involved, I may be stuck with some of trucking that is why i was looking for x border trucking companies. lloyd
  3. Thanks guys for the interest. the coach is a 40 ft beaver monterey it is in a wreckers yard in Los moches sinaloa . The front cap and windshield are gone as well as entry door basement doors etc,hard to know about frame damage etc. Does this help? lloyd
  4. I have a 40 deisel pusher that is not drivable,it is about 900 miles south of border . mex insurance says they cannot make repairs in Mex because of availability of parts. does anyone have knowledge of flatbed transports that do cross border trucking? thanks lloyd
  6. Thx Dave. I have just changed the filter and they looked good. Will now check pressure regulator.
  7. Thx for the information guys.I checked the ecm fuses all good. I also checked power to the ecm fuse block also good. I am sitting in Mazatlan Mexico so resources are limited. Any more suggestions/comments are appreciated.
  8. I just replaced the two chassis batteries in my 2005 Beaver. The engine turns over fine but wont fire.I am sure I reconnected the battery cables correctly. Suggestions please.
  9. Thanks for the input, I just got a call from the repair shop they found the leak. It is on the manafold block by the rear suspension.
  10. Thanks guys I will make sure the shop checks the dryer. It is a fairly slow leak and I can't hear it. I think all of the connections have been soaped.
  11. i have an 05 beaver with a C9 Cat engine. It looses up to 50 lbs air pressure overnite some times a little less some times a little more. All of the obvious fittings etc have been checked. When it was recently serviced I had the mechanic check and he was sure it was leaking back through the compressor. I then took it to truck shop for repair they claim not the compressor but can't find the leak.does anyone have any ideas? thx lloyd
  12. Thanks Ray, I have just talked with my dealership and was advised that it was a backfeed from the daylite running lites [a Canadian requirement]. The solution is to have the headlite switch on and on low beam when you shut down. Seems to work. lloyd
  13. The last two days of travel the engine will not shut off after approx. four hours of travel, this is with the the ignition switch off and the key removed. The solution has been to shut off the battery isolator switch. The system seems to work fine after that until the next few hours of operation.This is in a 2005 beaver. Suggestions please. Lloyd
  14. We have three cracked/broken tiles that we would like to replace,so would like to match existing. thx lloyd
  15. I'm loking for a supplier where I could purchase floor tiles for my 2005 Beaver. I have contacted Cheryl Kreig, a supplier in Texas, and attempted to deal directly with Monaco, who bought out Beaver with no success. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  16. I should have included more info in my original post. We're travelling to the Chicago area from British Columbia, Canada and will be staying with our son/family in Willmette. We would like to store the Beaver for a short time (up to 2 weeks) in a secure location. The rv parks we contacted in that area were not able to help us. I appreciate your words and will ask the question if we can locate another park in the area. Thanks Herman
  17. Does anyone know of a 'short term' storage facility for our 40 foot motorhome in the vicinity of Willmette? 10 - 12 days required. Thanks.
  18. Thanks Brett and Rich. I am going to be tied up tomorrow but will see what I can find the next day.
  19. Thanks for the reply. We had just left the sea level area and it was runnig fine.
  20. What should the turbo boost pressure be when going up a steep hill at approx 6500 ft elevation? My C9 cat recently suffered a real loss of power, no black smoke, but the turbo boost was only 18%. .Any suggestions, I have already changed both fuel filters, the air filter gauge showed 15% it red lines at 25%.
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