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  1. Had a fire in our RV and our insurance company is very slow in settling our claim. Have any of you had such slow dealings with your insurance company? What is a good one to deal with and that knows RV's.
  2. The problem was not in the pedestal. I checked it before I hooked up to it, as I always do. All it took was an instantaneous short of a few amps that finally burnt through the final amount of abraded insulation to set the wire on fire. It arced against the 90 degree sheet metal edge it had been rubbing against and that arc started the fire. The fire marshal at the scene removed the surrounding metal shrouds that hid the subject wire bundle from view. I have now inspected a later-built 2005 bus and the wiring harness has been re-designed in that area, most notably with a significant amount of abrasion protection and at least three more clamps holding the now smaller wire bundles in place. Anyone having a 2004 or early 2005 Meridian should check their wiring.
  3. On August 7 our 2005 Itasca Meridian experienced a short in the main ac wire bundle just aft of the shore power line attach point (aft of the left rear wheels). The fire occurred about 1:20 in the afternoon while we were out for the afternoon, and thanks to Good Samaritans in the park the fire was extinguished before the fire department arrived. Unfortunately, 90-95% of the smoke went up through the bed housing (through a 6 inch square hole in the floor- through which wires passed) and thoroughly coated EVERYTHING in the coach and killing our dog. The fire department tried valiantly to resuscitate our dog to no avail. Absolutely everything in the coach, even in closed drawers behind doors (as in the bathroom) was completely coated with a black, oily and highly toxic residue. The fire chief on the scene warned us to wear masks when entering the coach to retrieve personal belongings we thought we could salvage. Everything below the main floor (as in the basement) was OK, but the entire bedroom was completely water soaked as well as smoke filled. The Fire Marshal removed a covering of the main electrical distribution area inside the shore power compartment and found that an ac power line had rubbed on a 90 degree sheet metal corner and finally worn the insulation off creating a short which started the fire. I would advise anyone owning an Itasca made during this era to remove the covering (nominally 6 screws) and check the wire harness for chaffing and mitigate any potential rubbing of wire and sheet metal.
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