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  1. Has anyone been to the Dogpatch USA Rally in Indio CA? If so: is it a campground? where is it located? besides what is in the FMCA Mag what is all going on? Thanks Wes
  2. If you only knew, my buddy always calls when we are out to see what kind of misadventures we have had, He thinks we could write the script for a new Robin Williams Movie.
  3. Hello everyone We are first time MH owners and looking forward to seeing the country, and meeting new people, We have a new to us a 08 Revolution LE 40E, Towing a 4 door Jeep, We also have with us My ever so sweet Mother in law her 2 Shih Tzus and our Spoiled Shih Tzu Hailey. I want to thank all the people who have added so much information and laugh to this forums, We just got our own "egg" on Friday and look forward to displaying it proudly! Thanks Sally, Me and {Mother In law} Imogene
  4. Hello everyone I am new to the site but have been reading alot of great info in the forums. The wife and I rented a MH to go to Yellowstone, we loved it, so much better then our bumper pull. So now we are looking to buy one, after talking to other owners in RV parks we decided to look at the Fleetwood Revolution LE and from there we are thinking a bath and half, what is there to look for on these coaches and how are they. the one we rented was a 05 Fleetwood Rev LE handled wonderful. The one I am looking at has 26000 miles, I know tires will have to be replaced, it is the 400Cat spartan. Thanks Wes
  5. Thanks Bill, I was kind of thinking the same about the windows. I am working on trying to get all the service records and them putting new tires all the way around, any tips there? Wes
  6. Hello everyone! The wife and I rented a MH to go to Yellowstone, We loved it! So now we are looking to buy one. I have my eye on a 06 Fleetwood Revolution LE 40E which is a bath and half model, Coach has 26000 miles on it. I notice many of the windows are fogged, Dealer said he would repair them. IS there a worry with the windows being fogged or is it just something that happens. I have been reading some of the stories about mishaps with a coach that is some funny stuff, I learned first hand about slinging dishes everywhere! She still reminds me about that. Anything I should look for in this coach? Thanks everyone have a great day, Look forward to starting a new adventure! Wes
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