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  1. I,m in Clovis ,CA....Tow Honda Pilot.. Vette is in need of "sprucing" up again..chips in paint, etc...been about 5 years since I have done anything. I switch between truck and vette as my commute.

  2. Doug, where are you? Do you take your 'Vette with you on your motorhome travels?

    When we leave for the winter we tow the Jeep, but when we go to rallys (Mandalay, FMCA etc. I try to take the 'Vette. This year we are at Patrick Air Force Base, Cocoa Beach, FL.

  3. DRFRX

    The good life

    Check out the new Photo post today (9-29) Wed. "The Good Life II"
  4. DRFRX

    Doug & Char

    Good Life II
  5. I have 76 Vette..looks same except have 81 rear-end ,and original mag wheels. Will take "duplicate pic when I back coach out for trip to Branson in Oct.

  6. DRFRX

    The good life

    I have a 76 Vette,with 81 rear end addition. When I back my coach out in Oct for trip to Branson (Oct 14th) I will "duplicate" your picture
  7. First time other than CA, AZ, OR, and WA. Going east to Branson then Colorado Springs area. Usually do all my research on line before I go but looking for any additional help at the Branson and Colorado locations for parks for 4-5 day stays. Monaco 40ft with tow.
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