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  1. I have checked RV Park Reviews, but thought maybe there was a park that someone had been to recently that was better than the ratings on the website. I checked the State Parks, but they are all booked up. Looks like I'll be calling Dakota Ridge again in the morning
  2. We stayed in Golden Colorado earlier this summer, and it was a bit expensive as well as crowded. But, it seems that finding a decent campground anywhere in the area is pretty tough. Anyone have any they can recommend? We will be heading back through there around the 23rd and would like to stay 4 to 5 days, without breaking the budget!
  3. Consider Topsail Hill Preserve State Park. One of the few with full hookups! It's a nice park within walking distance of awesome beaches. We have also stayed at Carabelle Beach RV park, and it too is a very nice place. https://www.floridastateparks.org/park/Topsail-Hill Although you prefer full hookups, The campground at Fort Pickens is a great campground as well, has 50 amp service but no sewer hookup. Across the bay from the Pensacola Naval Air Station. Check out the Blue Angels practice for free and also the Naval Air Museum.
  4. We use Dish for both home and travel. We had an awful experience with DirectTV in our home system when we called for tech support, and cancelled them. We went with Dish about 13 years ago and have been happy with them since. We have the same programming in the MH that we have at home, and love the pay as you go feature.
  5. If you have ever traveled in North Central Florida in May and September, then you may have encountered these nasty creatures. There aren't just a couple of them that get on your vehicle there are hundreds of them! To the great and wise on this forum, I am seeking advice on how to not only remove these critters safely, but also any tips on products to use to prevent them from sticking as badly. Oh, I know there are a gazillion products on the market, but looking for stuff that REALLY works! My car is already ruined from years of scrubbing these bugs off, and I don't want the coach to have the same scarring effects! We are heading out on Wednesday, and would love to have something on the coach that will help with removing them!
  6. OK, maybe I'm just slow and dense, but we too have this white streaking from the roof on a black coach. Anyway, when you are talking about the Bar Keepers friend, were you using that on the roof or on the sides to get the white off the paint on the sides? We are still trying to find something that will take the white streaks off, without totally ruining the paint on the sides. By the way, on the side windows and mirrors too We have since had gutter extensions put on, but haven't found a way to get the streaks off! My thoughts about it being oxidized paint from the roof wasn't off, at least I'm not crazy.
  7. Hi, newbie here again with yet another question! I was reading the blog on staying overnight at Walmarts and Flying J, etc. I read the rules and didn't see anything about putting out your slides. I totally understand about the levelers, and the issues that might arise from using them on asphalt, but didn't see anything about slides. We could sorta use our bed without the slide being out, but wouldn't be able to get to some of the drawers. We aren't even sure if we would take advantage of this option, but, I don't want to break any rules if we do! On another note, I've been stalking these forums for months, and I have really gotten some amazing information. Thanks to all who post!
  8. We haven't stayed at a Walmart yet, since we are so new to the Motor home world! Do you put your slides out, or leave them in?
  9. You all are ROCK STARS! Thank you. I am downloading the PFJ app now, for my iphone.
  10. Curious as to how to find dump stations. I have looked in the Trailer Life catalog, but it is very limited. We will be in Huntsville, AL for a couple of days, with no hook up, then on to Atlanta. I was wondering the best way to find sites along the way. The Magellan RoadMate is not helpful at all on this!
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