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  1. My thanks to those who have offered their input. Have read up on the several sites offering 'reman' cooling units and think I'll play mechanic/technician and replace just the cooling unit. After reading the websites of 4 or 5 companies my plan is to go with World Class RV Fridge. Will ponder over the weekend and commit next week. Comments still welcome Roger (XCAPER)
  2. Being old, retired and marginally impaired, I took the Norcold out and set it upside down for 48 hours. (All inside the rig). When reinstalled it performed slightly better. Will probably end up buying a new fridge but am curious about 'reman' cooling units. Anyone have experience with one? Are they difficult to install? What's the down side? Thanks!
  3. Fridge worked fine for past three weeks....got home and it started to warm up. Freezer at about 14 degrees but the refrigerator went to about 60 at the lowest setting. Spoke with a local RV shop which speculated that it was dying. ....possibly a "blockage". Suggested removing it, turning it upside down for 24 hours to possibly clear it. There is no evidence of any ammonia leakage and the area behind the unit appears unobstructed. This is an antique, not much used 1996 Norcold model 883. Comments and suggestions appreciated. Thanx
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