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  1. I'm confused, I'm ok with what I plan to carry or I`m I already over loaded because I'm also towing? Thanks for all the replies I've gotten. Rod
  2. The pens I'm talking about are from Petco (manufactured by Precision) each weights approx. 24/lbs each (so 48/lbs all together). I've got a plastic floor bottom in that compartment area. I'll be carrying 2 light weight folding chairs a small weber BBQ, a 12' telescopic ladder and a few odds and ends. I don't plan to carry a lot in this area. I've not yet gotten the RV weight yet loaded. Next time I go to the RV I'll look to see what if any supports are under the area in question.
  3. Question: I have a 2018 Winnebago Aspect 30J that has a large rear compartment, I'm trying to find out how much weight can be held in that area. The dealer and so far Winnebago have not been able to answer the question. Does anyone on this forum know or know who I can ask? The reason I'm asking the question is that I want to storage a 24" high metal foldable dog pen and don't want it to fall or wrap the floor of my rear compartment. Thanks for any help.
  4. If any of you are looking for a great tow car you should check out the Subaru Crosstrek (must be Manual Shift). I bought a 2019 Crosstrek Premium and installed a Blue Ox tow system with a Demco "Stay-In-Play" braking unit. You'll also have to install a charge line from your motorhome to the car to keep the battery charged. I have a Winnebago Aspect 30J class C motorhome and so far it's working great. The Crosstrek is approx. 3000/lbs making it nice a light and not putting any tack on the E450 engine.
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