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  1. Thank you all for responding to our interest in the GC Jeep for towing behind our Motor Home. The FMCA Magazine,January Issue, notes that the GC requires a Quadra-Trac ll/Quadra-Drive ll and the vehicle needs to be four wheel-drive. Is the towing equipment installed at the factory or can it be added to a used vehicle. Thank You! Rick Barbush in Harrisburg, PA
  2. We are looking for a vehicle to Tow and are interested in a Grand Cherokee. We are undecided to buy new or used. Can one easily find a used with the appropriate towing package?
  3. We are interested in the Honda CRV 2014 or later for towing behind our Motor Home. However one of the limitations is no more than 65 MPH. Is this true and can I hear from other members who tow their Honda CRV and their satisfaction?
  4. Hello all....Has there been any update on towing a KIA-Soul? I see that this model was not included in the January edition of the FMCA Magaizine. Spearfish
  5. We have a 2004 Four Winds Infinity and just found on our last trip that our electric water heater was not heating the water so we used gas to heat the water. Could the problem be a fuse or a heating element? All other electric sysytems appear to be in good working order.
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