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  1. We have just started leaving our motorhome in storage at a nearby campground during the week so we can just drive there in our Jeep for the weekend. We have a 2004 37-foot Fleetwood Pace Arrow. The first and second weeks we tried this, the refrigerator ran perfectly and the batteries held a strong charge. However, week three was totally different. The refrigerator had shut down because the batteries' charge dropped too low (approx. 3 amps). We have plenty of propane. We have a solar panel on top of the motorhome to help keep the batteries charged. I turned off all of the circuit breakers. I leave the house batteries on and set the fridge to LP. What am I doing wrong? How long should my batteries last? They had a full charge when we left (approx. 13.5). Please help. Thenks, K&K.
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