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  1. We purchased a new Tiffin Phaeton in May of 2008. We have had numerous minor and one major problem. The major problem was a slide out that wouldn't retract. We were in an RV park and had a tech come out and communicate with tiffin. Finally he found a loose bolt on the generator. Tiffin reimbursed the cost. Still, I have to wonder why this wasn't caught in a quality inspection, or don't motor home manufacturers believe that doing it right the first time is important? If I buy a Toyota they have quality built in and defects are tracked by magazines such as Consumer Reports. How come problems are such a routine part of a motor home owners life, or is it just my coach? By the way, I didn't have these problems with my class C Winnebago. Our other problems have all required trips to the dealer and days wasted. Included are: delamination, leaky washer (twice), spider cracks in shower stall, in house vacuum failure, stripped bearings on shades after only being used a few times, mal functioning ice maker. We have used the motorhome for about 3 months on the road and feel we are always waiting for the next shoe to drop. Tiffin did extend the overall warranty for 6 months, but we really resent constant trips to the dealer for things that should have been done right the first time. We are told by our salesman that these problems are "normal" and that after all the RV is almost one year old. Is this normal. What are your experiences?
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