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  1. As the Original Owner of a 2005 Explorer XLT, which was purchased for the 'Eventual' purpose as a Tow Vehicle behind our 2005 RoadTrek Popular 190 Mini Motorhome, the time has FINALLY Come to fully implement this Objective. Consequently, I am respectfully Requesting ANY Experienced Guidance regarding the CORRECT SETUP, Do'S & Don'ts EXPERIENCES, RECOMMENDATIONS, CAUTIONS, MAINTENANCE, AND/OR ANYTHING ELSE--ANYONE FEELS AS LESSONS LEARNED or Avoid. In addition, Any RAPID RESPONSES will be Sincerely APPRECIATED--since we are planning our Maiden Travel Departure with this Explorer in Tow, in about 3 weeks!! Many Thanks, TvlDs (Don)
  2. Want to tow a Class-B ('04 Roadtrek /Chevy 3500). What are any/all the best recommended mod's req'd: ie: 1. Drivetrain Disconnect vs. Lube Pump 2. Electrical connections/disconnects 3. Best Tow System & Aux Brake 4. Any Other "Experience" recommendations Any specific recommendations/references, ASAP, would be greatly Appreciated!! Thanks, Don
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