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  1. I saw several others discussing phantom air brake alarms on this site. We have a 2000 Damon Ultrasport on a freightliner chassis. Air pressure is fine, gauges read 120 psi +. Mechanic has checked all fluid levels, everything is ok. When the coach is in drive, air brake off, the air brake alarm starts beeping 10 seconds after engaging transmission. Does the same in reverse. Same alarm as when coach is in neutral with no brake, air brake alarm warns that the parking brake is not engaged. No alarm when coach is in neutral and air brake is in park position (as expected). I can't find a schematic for the coach to show if there is a low pressure alarm. Looked at the 2 air tanks and even bleed them down to zero, no change. Pressure came back to 120+ psi, brakes work fine, airbags work fine. Just seems there is a faulty low pressure switch connected to the transmission? Appreciate any suggestions or experience other members may have.
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