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  1. My inverter (Xantrex Freedom 458 3000 watt) seems to be dead. It will not charge the batteries or pass 110 volt through to the coach. This is the second inverter that I've lost in 6 years. I am very careful about power -- using a PowerPal to test the power stands before plugging in and using a SurgeGuard when plugged in. I will have a mobile mechanic out in a couple of days to check it out. A rv mechanic suggested to me once that if this happened a second time, that I consider replacing the inverter with a converter/charger (3 stage plus desulfide capability). He suggested having the 110 volt AC input wired directly to the 110 volt output wires currently connected to the inverter. His point was that he replaces a lot of inverters and he feels the converter/chargers are more reliable and quite a bit cheaper. He said few of his customers actually use the invert function. We seldom use the invert function, relying on park power or the generator. I know that I'd give up the capability of running the microwave and TV off the inverter, but that doesn't bother me. I can always crank up the generator to run the microwave if need be. We would still have 12 volt power for lights and the refrigerator. I don't think this would affect the air-conditioning. Our coach is a diesel pusher with 4 six volt golf cart house batteries. I would appreciate any input on the wisdom of replacing the inverter with a converter/charger. Thanks
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