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  1. Cjv817: we did not get any dashboard lights when we put in the salvage FDCM. Please read all earlier posts as we discussed this. Seems the model/ series number on the modules have to almost match. The one we found was close enough that our works. Other folks have not had the same success. Read Tom Garretts post from June 27. Suggest you call your dealer and ask for the new fix.
  2. To cjv817: Don't know if you HAVE to, but we did disconnect the battery before pulling the old FDCM and plugging in the new one. Our salvage FDCM has been working fine ever since. Note the post from Tom (above) that your dealer should have a fix by now.
  3. Hi Rafter....we think that dealer reply is nonsense. We got a used FDCM and it is working fine on our 2010 Grand Cherokee. Many other folks have also gone that route successfully. Please see my post above on who you can call to buy the module and get it shipped to you. It is very easy to access and install. If your dealer won't help you perhaps you can find a private garage to assist you? Good luck!
  4. Thanks to all for your replies and information. What a vexing experience this is for all of us! I have little more to report, or to offer. I don't know if Commanders were also affected .... I think so. I do know that 2005-2010 Grand Cherokees were affected. I think that the important question to ask is: did the vehicle have the N23 recall? N23 was a software update to the Final Drive Control Module (FDCM) to "fix" a potential problem wherein the vehicle could spontaneously shift out of "Park" and just roll away while turned off and unattended. The Notice sent to owners advised them that this was a possible problem that could occur, and that they should use the parking brake until they get the recall completed. What we have learned is that Jeep (now part of Fiat Chrysler) was compelled to do this recall by the federal government. The corporation who actually manufactured these vehicles has changed twice since 2005...it was Chrysler (2005?), then it was Daimler Chrysler (2007?), and now it is Fiat Chrysler. So it is clear that the new entitiy is not overly concerned about spending additional resources to fix vehicles that they did not make. If the vehicle had the N23 recall, then I think that you can be pretty sure that the problem is the software in the FDCM, and not transfer case motors, actuators and the like. And I am pretty sure that a new FDCM will not help, since it comes from Jeep with the bad software already installed! Thus, the solution of finding a salvage yard FDCM is a pretty attractive option. I appreciate the info on workarounds involving pulling fuses and disconnecting stuff, but the idea of having to do that weekly was not appealing to us. We paid $75 for the used FDCM and we are back in business. Just had it in N for flat towing yesterday! We saved our OEM module (with N23 software) and if Jeep ever does come up with a fix we will reinstall it and get the fix. Until then, we are able to put the vehicle in N and flat tow as we always did. We just have to remember to set the parking brake when leaving the vehicle parked. So that it cannot roll away. And get wrecked. If we were at the top of a steep hill, though .....or maybe a cliff ?.... the idea does have some merit !!!!! LOL :-) Good luck everyone!
  5. I do hope that you are successful! I know that the Jeep Service Advisor at the dealership in South Texas told me that he had tried that solution for other owners before me. He said that the problem was, the new modules all have the bad software, so the problem will continue to occur. He even said that they had tried to "uninstall" the software, but that it did not work. That is why we sought out an older module that had not gotten the N23 update. I do hope that your fix works, and would like to hear about it, once you have traveled and have put a few miles and days in.
  6. Here is an update: since my original post, we have learned a great deal. First: this is not new - it has been going on since the N23 recall started being rolled out late in the summer of 2013. Second: Chrysler knows all about it. I was blown off by Chrysler Customer Care (800 number) on my first two calls. On my third call, the support person said all the right things, and made arrangements to get me into a dealer for a "diagnostic work-up" and the promise that if the problem was, in fact, related to the N23 recall, then I would not have to pay for the workup and a STAR ticket would be generated. I gather that a STAR ticket is kind of a problem escalation procedure, where dealership technicians escalate problem solving to specialist techs in a remote location, and get their help in achieving problem resolution. On the surface, this sounds like a good plan, does it not? Problem is - my dealer in Texas did the diagnostic workup on 4/25/14. The problem recurred in 7 days (as they said it would, since the "reflash" is only a temporary fix). By then, I was 2000 miles away. So why should I go to another dealer, and surrender the car for SEVERAL days so that they can re-diagnose and start the STAR process? I would need to rent a car in the interim and would be subject to any dealer charges unless they can prove that the problem is related to the N23 recall. NOT! A quick review of the internet shows that many, many Jeep owners are going throught this same process right now, and it seems that dealers are replacing components (like acutators) that do not resolve the problem, but do result in charges to the owners. We may have solved the problem today! We called a multitude of "used auto parts" companies around Western New York until we found one that had a Final Drive Control Module that was compatible ... jeeps from 2005 - 2010 used the same component. The Final Drive Control Module is the computer that talks to the transfer case and allows it to shift from 4WD to neutral, or 4WD LOW, etc. The module is located under the rear passenger bench seat (driver side) and it is very very easy to pull the old module and install the new one. It is "plug & play" wiring, but you do need to disconnect the negative terminal from the battery before you do it. Will need some basic tools (18mm socket) to lift the backseat off to access the module. The module itself just slides out of the bracket - easy. The module we found was one generation earlier than the one in our 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee ... it said that it was for 2008-2010 Jeeps. We plugged it in, and it worked fine, and I was able to put the car into neutral for flat towing! Tested it twice and it worked both times! This module clearly has not had the N23 recall, and we plan to keep it that way! Per the concerns that triggered the recall, we will set the emergency brake each time we park the car. The really good news is that these folks have more of the modules, and they will ship them to you!!!!! This company is located just east of Rochester, NY If you need one, you can call: Wilbert's Lakeside AutoParts 6333 Lakeside Road Ontario, NY 14519 800-836-8418 we worked with Chris Perrello - but I think that anyone can help you. http://www.wilbertsinc.com On a final note: if you Google "final drive control module Jeep" you will see some images that include photographs showing which module is which under that bench seat!
  7. We have a 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4X4 with the 5.7 liter V8 HEMI MDS VVT engine, and the Quadra-Trac II Active Full-Time 4WD transmission. This automatic transmission vehicle was extremely easy to shift into neutral for flat towing behind our motorhome. Clear instructions in the owners manual made towing the vehicle a snap ... no limitations, no special aftermarket add-ons. Perfect, and easy! I say WAS, because now there is a problem, and Chrysler appears to be slow in responding and developing a solution. In November of 2013 we had a recall perfomed. Identified as Recall # N23, it included a software update for the Final Drive Control Module - the computer that talks to the transfer case and allows us to shift it into, and out of neutral for flat towing. There is a flaw in this software update results in the EVIC (Electronic Vehicle Information Center) display to show that the 4WD system needs service, and the user is unable to put the 4WD system in neutral for flat towing. When this happened to me on 4/25/14, we were packed up and ready to leave South Texas for the summer months. I took it to the Jeep dealer, where a Service Advisor told me that he had seen a number of "Winter Texans" in with this problem in the preceeding 90 days, and that the only solution he could offer was to "re-flash" the Final Drive Control Module. That worked,but it is a temporary fix that is only good for 5-7 days, and then it needs to be "re-flashed" again. I am now 2000 miles from South Texas, and 7 days have passed. The car towed fine for the trip, and shifted back into normal mode for driving at our current destination. but I tested it today, and sure enough! the EVIC display reads that the 4WD system needs service again! So I am communicating with Chrysler Customer Care and a local Jeep dealer. As it stands now, there is no solution in the pipeline for this problem, and it appears that Chrysler has not acknowledged that this is a problem or offered a solution. I truly cannot imagine having to find a Jeep Dealer and paying to have the Final Drive Control Module "re-flashed" every 5 to 7 days! I am posting this because I want to make sure that other Jeep owners are aware of this problem and to ensure that they help to communicate the need for a solution - URGENTLY - to Chrysler!
  8. Have not posted here before, but am a frequent reader / contributor to the Tiffin RV owners forum. Bought the 7720 LM GPS based mostly on the FMCA endorsement and some fair reviews. We used it once, for a car trip (without motorhome parameters) and found it totally unacceptable in the routing selections it made. Regardless of how I set route preferences, it wanted to send us WAY out of our way ....like, 30 miles in the wrong direction! We returned it to Rand McNally. Guess we will stick with Garmin for now. I really liked the ideas and the extra features that the 7720 had, but the basics were sorely lacking.
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