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  1. We are currently in NC and had a major flood. The toilet valve stuck and fresh water flowed from bathroom to the front of the coach. Even though we brought in Serve Pro we have been through water, electrical and heating problems. I have located a "Complete RV Service" in Denver, NC which can do the necessary work i.e. replace carpets, wallpaper,NuHeat in floors and new tile. But, I can not find any info on them either pro or con. My question is, has anyone out there had experience with this "Complete RV" of Denver, NC? They are an FMCA member. If not, I would entertain any suggestions you may have. I need to get the work done soon!! Thanks.
  2. Mr. Butler, Thanks for the reply. Have found a couple of books (not the RVing kind) in a used book store that will be handy. The Mile Post covers only the western part of Canada for entry to AK, but has some good info. I've tried everything to delete my post that re-copied your input to my question. I just can't get rid of it. Hopefully other will figure it out to be a mistake. Thanks again.
  3. We will be traveling into and through Canada next year. We plan to travel west to east, reentering the United States after visiting Quebec. With all your experience, folks, can you recommend a good book that covers RV travel for beginners to Canada? Thanks, in advance.
  4. I know you folks have probably gone over this subject 100 times. But I'm new to the site and would like your opinions. My black water tank is clean ie. no solids at the bottom, yet when it gets close to 3/4 full and the wind is right, I get odors from the vent pipes on top of the rig. Sometimes, the wind will blow the odor over the top and down the side of the coach where we sit outside. I have a '91 coach with the "T" type vent tops. Was wondering if the weathervane type tops that move with the wind would be better? Also, is there such a thing as a black water tank treatment that totally deleates the odor? I'd appreciate any comments.
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