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  1. Received the gear kit yesterday. Thanks BackhoeJ!
  2. Rich, Yep, no air cylinder. I did not see a place for a cotterpin or a snap ring. Good idea though. I may go ahead and crimp something on the end of the pim to prevent it from coming of again. Thanks for the suggestion. Regards, Tigerpa
  3. BackhoeJ, Sent the mail out to you today. SHould see it in a couple of days. Thanks for the help. Regards, Tigerpa
  4. All, Had to post this as I was pretty proud I figured it out- with some feedback from ya'll. See the picture. Seems that when the cover stuck and I tugged on it, I sprung the 2 steel arms that run from the actuator to the sides of the cover frame. There are 2 pins (one on each side) that fit snug into holes on either end of the two arms. I popped each back on to the pins (wasn't easy to do it standing on my head by myself). The arms are fairly stout but for some reason they popped off. Still can't figure what originally caused the cover to stick-may have been a stuck relay/solenoid. Anyhow-its all working well and I'm on to the next issue. Microsoft PowerPoint - Monaco Diplomat 2006 step cover.pdf
  5. Deciding on trading in my Monaco Diplomat (2006) for a 2013 Winnebago Tour 42 QD All electric coach. Love the Tag axle ride. Coach has every available bell and a few whistles. Coach has the Aquahot 450, True air (3) 13,500 BTU roof units. Really like it alot. How does this unit compare with new Monaco's, Tiffin, Newmar, Entegra, Thor for same size/type for quality, dependability, etc. Anyone have any experience in an all electric coach? Any real downside to all electric? Has an Onan 10,000 Gen and 2800 inv. Am I overlooking anything? Would appreciate any comments, feedback, opinions, good or bad.
  6. BachhoeJ, I am in need of one of your nifty gears. Would be forever grateful! I can pay for the gear and shipping. Please advise cost. Tony Zampogna (Tigerpa) 2795 Olympia Fields Lane Mount Pleasant, SC 29466
  7. Thank you. I plan to tackle this weekend. I'll report out once I get it right.
  8. Friends, Had an issue with my sliding power step cover. It was working fine and then when I pressed the button, I could hear the solenoid (I am guessing it was the solenoid) clicking. I though it might be stuck so I gave it a tug. Seems I dislodged something and now it rolls back and forth unconnected somehow? My fault, should not have forced it. Any idea on what I may have done before I tackle trying to take it apart and fix it. Is this s big job, expensive part to fix? I have no idea. Would appreciate all feedback. Regards, Tigerpa
  9. Backhoej, I have the same problem as many others. My cord reel stopped working. I hear pcs/parts spinning inside. Suspect its the little gear in side that is toast. Do you still have the replacement gears? If so, do you have paypal where I could buy one from you? Looking at trading in my 2006 Monaco Diplomat for a 2013 WInnebago Tour and want the 2006 fixed right before I trade. Don't want to leave that headache to anyone else. Please let me know. Regards, Tigerpa
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