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  1. Needed to use Campingworld once to repair my inverter. They removed the inverter from the coach and jobbed it out to a local authorized Magnum dealer and the Campingworld reinstalled. It went great .
  2. I have been using RV Trip Wizard since its release and have been very satisfied with the features it offers. Is it missing some important features (campground reviews, area poi's) yes; but, all in all works great. I have also used and like RVPARKY which fills in all the gaps that RV TRIP Wizard has but as a route planning tool it is not as complete. Recently I came across another product which, unfortunately, is also a subscription service called SMART RV Route. Typically I will let my Dezl 760 route me point to point using the RV Trip Wizard routing as a backup. I have found that both of these products really require me to check the route on a paper map for google maps to ensure the roads it chooses are what I like to drive. I have had both the Garmin and Trip Wizard get me to where I needed to go but I traveled some exciting back roads getting there. Smart RV Route seems to route more in line with the routes I would like to travel. The 7 or 8 times I have used it have taken me to my destination very comfortably. Just my experiences YMMV - Steve
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