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  1. I have a 2003 Monaco with a Workhorse chassis. It generally goes into OD at about 56 or 57 MPH. And that's where I usually drive it. Accordingly to the trip computer average MPG, on level ground here in the Sacramento Valley, I usually get 9 to 10 mpg. I rarely run over 60 unless it's downhill. My speedometer is within 1 mph by GPS. I have checked the trip computer several times at fill up and it seems pretty close. I too have drooled on the Banks system, but I don't see much of a mpg gain, not enough to justify the cost. As long as you can keep it in OD (usually about 50 or so depending on throttle position), the slower you go, the better the mileage. I also have a towed, but it's pretty light, about 2050 lbs.<br /><br />Al Utzig
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