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  1. Thanks, I'm now at the point where I need to select the correct Dish receiver box. Dish Network chat was not real helpful but recommended a 211K but I see there is a 211Z also. Moreover, I see that there are other receivers that have DVRs built in - so which is best? Can I add an external DVR hard drive to the 211?
  2. I am in the process of replacing an old satellite dish on my American Eagle with an SK-1000 Winegard Traveler RV Satellite dish. I will have three new HD flat screen TVs with hopefully tow TVs operating at the same time. I want HD and DVR availability. I think I want the Dish Network so I can only pay for the months that I am in the coach. The real issue is: what kind of wiring do I need at each TV, does all of the wiring need to run back to a central location, does each TV need its own receiver, what is the best DISH DVR receiver for this operation?
  3. Thanks for your help. I purchased the Michelin’s through the FMCA program and saved $892.37 off the best price I could find anywhere else.
  4. I have a tire question for you experienced RV’s. I recently purchased a 40’ American Eagle on a Spartan chassis. The tires are right at ten years old and the service center said there is some small cracking and they need to be replaced. The tires I currently have are Michelin 275/80 R22.5 XZA2 but they are so expensive I am considering Bridgestone 295/75 22.5 as replacements (I run Bridgestone’s on our fire engines and they provide very good handling and service). My concern is the ride. The coach rides real smooth with the Michelins and I don’t want to make a big mistake in ride and road noise. Any help?
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