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  1. We gave up the diesel pusher. Too big. Too expensive to maintain and have gone to a National RV coach that is rated to tow 7000lbs. Will give up the diesel performance however. Now trying to find a 1990s Ford Ranger we can two in lieu of the 7000 lb GMC. It seems that 1998 and up have limitations. 1996 and 1997 OK with manual transmission, but haven't found out anything about the earlier 93s, 94, and 1995. Anyone tow one of these in the past?
  2. I want to tow a Ford Ranger/Mazda pickup truck behind my motorhome. I have found owners manuals on line from Ford that indicates I can tow the 1996,1997 4x2 with manual trans. but I can't find anything on the 1993, 1994, 1995 4x2 manual trans. Anyone tow any of these models? I am staying with the older trucks since it will be my second truck only for towing when we go deer hunting.
  3. A local glass company found one for me. $1072 installed if anyone wants another reference price. Thanks
  4. Can one still get a windshield half for a 1997 National RV Dolphin 534G? If so where and how much? Passenger side. Thanks
  5. Not many quality MHs available by limiting length to 34 so going to up length to max of 36 and budget to $30,000, but stay in the Nintys time frame. Finding some Monacos, and a Country Coach and an American Eagle now an then. The HR, Fleetwoods, and the Coachmans might work if I could find one that can LEGALLY tow 7000 lbs. Need to tow GMC Sierra which books says weights 6700 lbs. Thanks
  6. Aztec, The booth dinette on my last 1997 MH, a small Class C had belts on one side of the booth and I added two to the other side. Some booths have belts from the factory. Since your MHs were so old I can understand why they didn't have belts. It wasn't a big thing yet.. .
  7. Many coaches with the booth dinette can belt 4 and the sofa 3 so there are 7 right away and with the two up front that is 9 pretty easy. So it is doable. Sleep the grandparents in the rear, the parents on the sofa sleeper and the kids on the booth dinette and the floor. In the case of the coachman with the sofas can make into a king side bed with insert in the middle. But don't think the coachman can tow 7000lbs. I have had two class A in the late 80s and early 90s so know about sleeping arrangements and the small size etc, but can live with that. To sum up sleeping will accept rear bed, booth dinette, and sleeper sofa. we'll make that work even if I have to take out a sofa and put in dinette. No slides needed. As for towing know toad would have to have brakes, but need the GCWR and the hitch itself to be able to handle 7000 lbs. Monaco Dynastys will but I don't know about others. Hoping someone with the "others" can chime in and shed some light on my quest. Anyone towing 7000 lb trailer or vehicle with Gas? How does that work? We live in southeast so don't really expect to be out in the real Mountains of the West but maybe once in a lifetime. Appreciate the welcome and the expert advice I am getting. Ray
  8. Nitehawk, I agree an 8 sleeper, quality might be rare, but I consider Dynastys quality coachs and there are some other 34 footers than can sleep 6 or models that can have one of the sofas replaced with a booth dinette and can sleep 6. Realize sleeping might not be the best term but with kids not a big issue. As far as weight the 7000 lbs is actually only about a third of the weight of the 34-38 dynastys. Don't want slides. Appreciate the suggestions as to search links. I'm in that mode as of now. Thanks
  9. What older model, 34 ft., class A motorhomes, other than Monaco, are rated to tow a 7000 lb toad? 1995 to 2000 vintage. I could save some time by searching for one of those. Stay with a diesel pusher type. Thanks
  10. nitehawk, You just haven't been shopping lately. A month ago had a contract on a 1998, 38 foot Monaco Dynasty being traded in for a 200000 dollar one. But couple decided to trade it in to the Lazy Days dealer in AZ vice Fl so passed on that one. Contract was for 20,000 dollars. They also had a 1996 38 Dynasty for $16,000. So the fall back was to buy a 1997 38 foot Monaco Dynasty for $22,000 in Naples. Pristine shape, all Manuals and maintenance records in detail for the last 10 years. Every thing worked, Tires 2 years old. People weren't exactly standing in line since it had been on the market for a month. Drove it 600 miles home, but decided it was too big for our country roads and our use so sold it 1 month later. Both of these had the Cummins 8.3, one was 300HP the other was 325HP. Looking for something not more than 34 feet. Another Monaco Dynasty would work if could find one.at 34 feet and they had the 8.3l Cummins as well. Just change out one of the sofas for a booth dinette and can sleep 6 vice the 5. You know they are a fine coach so I wasn't kidding--they are there just got to find them. They can tow 10,000 lbs legally. I thought maybe a forum such as this could help out but based on your reaction I may be disappointed. . .
  11. What are some brand names of well built coaches, max 34 foot length, that will sleep 6 to 8, (4 adults, rest kids), tow up to 7500 lbs, and within $25,000 budget? Thanks
  12. Working with a cross over to the Firestone w01-358 5311. Will try to insatll them today. I'll let you know how it goes.
  13. Thanks for the reply. They were only used on the Monaco circa 1997 and I am finding no one has them. They are for the front, Firestone w01 358 5319. Have been told they will have to be made by Firestone. I am working with a couple sources to see if we can find a cross over to something else.
  14. Firestone w01 348 5319. Need help. Trying to find them in stock somewhere--many responses are saying 4 to 6 weeks-must be made by Firestone. Help. Thanks
  15. I am a member of IRV2, but not getting much in the way of feedback on this question. I have come to the conclusion it isn't a big deal in the big picture of RV maintenance. Thanks
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