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  1. Thanks for the replies. I keep hearing folks say they are towing Elements newer than 05 but I can't get anyone to confirm that they are doing it with a 4wd and haven't fried the drive train. A guy on the Wanderlodge forum just started towing a 2010 Element FWD and says he has no problems at this point. If his were the 4WD, I'd take his word for it and start towing mine. Remco says that officially, both they and Honda say NO, but they have lots of people towing them with no problems. I just know how these projects seem to go for me...I take the "internet word", buy the base plate and start towing my Element. The drive train is kaput, now I have to fix that, I wasted money on the base plate/installation and I STILL have to buy a towable vehicle. I'm trying hard not to go buy another vehicle but I'm starting to lean that way.
  2. Hello all, My wife and I just purchased our first RV, a 2009 Bluebird Wanderlodge and want to tow a vehicle behind it. I already have a 2008 Honda Element 4WD Automatic Transmission. So, I'm researching to find out if I can tow this vehicle. I know the "official" line is that it can't be towed. However, there seems to be a lot of evidence to the contrary. I noticed that a couple of folks posted that they are towing 2008 Honda Elements, but the posts are a couple of years old. Can anyone that has experience towing an Element, newer than 2005, with 4WD and Automatic Transmission, please let me know how things are working out for you? I've read all over the place that the Element and CRV share drive trains. However, I talked to my local Honda dealer and asked of the 2008 models of Element and CRV share a drive train. The answer is NO. I also asked if the transmission is the same on a 2005 Element and a 2008 Element. The answer is that the Part Numbers are different. This makes me think there are at least some minor changes. I intentionally did not mention towing the vehicle behind a motor home because I didn't want to sway his answers. Thanks in advance, Dan
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