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  1. Thank you. The Pace Arrow Owners Club site gave me what I wanted. Really appreciate the help.
  2. We bought a used 2001 Fleetwood Pace Arrow Vision Special Edition. Although I have most of the original manuals and have looked at the decals on my rig, I haven't been able to determine the capacity of my Fresh/Gray/Fresh water tanks. Any advice how I can find that out?
  3. I guess to put this to bed, we were looking for someone who has used the Good Sam Extended Service Plan. We received no real answers about the plan. I did, however, talk to two RV service places and neither one suggested I join. They said it was always a hassle to work with the company and many times the problem could be fixed for far less than the cost of the plan (which to me was $1,400 annually). So that's where I'm going. Thank you anyway for those who responded.
  4. Thank you TBUTLER. I agree that the warrantee companies have an incentive to not pay. But this is the Good Sam Club Extended Service Plan and it might be a little different??? I have used their roadside emergency plan once and was favorably impressed. The salesman seemed to suggest that wear and tear was covered as long as the part in question wasn't abused. He went on to say that I only had to provide maintenance records from the time I sign up; that I would not be held to past maintenance. I am really looking for people who have been refused benefits (or not). There are so many systems on our rig that other than oil changes, etc., I don't know what I don't know.
  5. Our rig has served us well but is getting along in years. We are considering the "Gold" plan to help out if things start going downhill but had a bad experience with a warranty company on a car 15 years ago so are reluctant to support it full bore. Has anyone had bad experiences with this plan?
  6. When dry camping and using gas, we always turn off the hot water after our morning shower. Now that we are parked for a while in a park, should we leave the (electric) hot water on all the time or turn it off as we did before? Is it more harmful to our hot water heater to cycle on and off or just leave on?
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