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  1. I won't directly answer your question regarding the age of your battery and whether that is the contributing problems, but I will tell you what works for me with a similar type of set up with RVI Brakes Toad charging system. 1. I tow an Acadia which requires 2 fuses being pulled. I had a dealer put in switches so I don't have to pull the fuses. 2. I run the car for at least 10 minutes in the morning before I leave the campground and again for 10 minutes when I arrive. 3. If I am not going to unhook for 2 or more days when traveling across country I plug in a trickle charge system I purchased at Advance Auto for the night to keep the battery healthy. Following this process has worked for me and I have made the trip in reverse from yours 7 times. Our daughter teaches at the University of Oregon. BTW - If you got 3 years out of your battery, it has served you well!
  2. Thanks. I have been using a RVI supplemental toad charging system on my GMC Acadia and would continue to use it on the Expedition if I go that route. I have always used supplemental breaking (Blue Ox), unplug it and run the toad engine each night. If I am going across country and not unhooking for several days I also plug in a supplemental drip charge over night. So far OK. Does your F150 have any of the accident avoidance systems installed? I wondered how that stuff would work on a vehicle being towed. None of the cars I have ever owned had it, but I see that some of the newer vehicles do. Thanks again,
  3. Thanks for your feedback. It "is" 4 wheel drive and NOT all wheel drive like I stated. The Honda CRV I used to tow was AWD and I should have known the difference. Recently I have been towing a two wheel drive 2012 GMC Acadia and had switches installed so I didn't have to pull fuses. Looking for something a little larger. Ford products you generally don't have to pull fuses. Thanks again.
  4. The FMCA towing guide does not list the the 2016 Ford Expedition yet the owners manual gives instructions for towing the models with AWD. Anyone with first hand knowledge or experience?
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