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  1. GM All: From Oct 7-approx Oct 20th, I will be operating (hopefully) daily from some of the less populated Northern lower peninsula. Michigan counties and also the U.P. Will not have internet but will be mainly CW ops around 7050, 14050, etc from the RV. I will have my APRS running so will be able to spot my geography, maybe even frequency via APRS. Equipment is: 100W to 28' vertical. May try to check into the NATA nets at 7185 SSB at 2300Z daily also just forthe county hunters. Counties possible are Emmet, Alger Marquette, Baraga, Mackinac, Schoolcraft, Chippewa, Luce. Cheers Curt KU8L
  2. Thanks..those are excellent videos. I wish I were closer to them but it is an 8 hour drive. I am a certified HVAC tech but have no experience with absorption units. The heater is in spec but it just boils and boils but does not get cold. Curt
  3. So it seems no one has used these guys for service or don't want to talk about it?
  4. Im not so sure the negative recommendation from an OEM is as much based on the sinewave v. modified sine inverter as it is that most household compressors are not designed to be run while being exposed to shock and vibration.. They are not quite the same internally as the typical refer compressor for a vehicle. Curt
  5. North America Camping guide http://www.bestrvparkrates.com/New-For-2013.html Just wondering if this has any real value...experiences? We will be travelling for a couple of weeks at a time several times per year and are looking for more detailed info regarding parking in state national areas without services..ie self contained. Thanks Curt SE Michigan
  6. Good Morning, We have an original Dometic 2650 series refer in our 1992 Flair (Fleetwood) and it is no longer functioning. Heaters work and flame is good but only gurgles. Thinking of having National RV Refer in Shipshewana, IN replace the cooling unit. Any advice or recommendations on this plan and/or the provider for or against? We considered replacing the whole thing with a domestic 120V-only refer with battery bank and inverter but decided against that extra cost at this time. Thanks Curt SE Michigan
  7. GM List: We would like to spread out replacing all of the tires on our 26' flair over 2 seasons and will be putting 2 new Michelin XZA on the steer axle now. I have found a couple of different sets of take-offs that I am thinking of buying to get us thru this season and wondering if there is any advice on evaluating the condition of a used tire. Date-wise these are nearing the end of their "recommended" lifetime of about 5-6 years but have been stored indoors dry and have only 1500 miles on them. There are no visible weathering or cracking--they are aired up and mounted on wheels. So...any thing else I should look for? I'd love to just have a full new set, but this is our first venture into RVing and and with all the extra "stuff" we seem to need and some other maintenance and repairs to the RV, we need to divide up the substantial cost of the tires if possible. Thanks Curt
  8. GM List: New to RVs and am considering adding extensions for the inner duals. Is there any wheel balance concern when adding only an inner extension? These are 19.5" wheels on a P-30 chassis Flair. Thanks Curt Michigan
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